Aboriginal Business Development Forum 2020, Kanyara languages: comprising Baiyungu as well as Dhalanyji, Purduna and Binigura, Kartu languages: comprising Yinggarda, Malgana, Wajarri as well as groups Badimaya and Nhanda, Mantharta languages: comprising Tharrkari as well as Thiin, Jiwarli and Warriyangka. Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland, The department is seeking volunteers to act as campground hosts at Carnarvon Gorge section, Carnarvon National Park over the Queensland school holidays. Well, evidently the saturated brine in the lake is approximately 10 times saltier than seawater. Stone for spears and tools was quarried on the western coast of Shark Bay at Crayfish Bay, and on the eastern coast at Yaringa near Gladstone. The Nyamal are a coastal people though their traditional lands extend inland through to the Yarrie country of the De Grey River, [3] the name yari denoting the white ochre on the river banks. A high protein, perennial fodder crop. Aboriginal communities, particularly the people of Carnarvon, have established memorials on the islands to those that suffered and died there. To this day her resting place remains a secret. Gwoonwardu Mia, the Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre, celebrates and recognises the culture of the five Aboriginal language groups of the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. WajarriYinggarda relations were better than most and the two groups traded ceremonial objects, particularly pearl shells which were worn in initiation ceremonies (see Fink 1960: 59). (Radcliffe-Brown 1930:213). Documentation of traditional Aboriginal resources by early explorers and settlers, together with recent developments in medicinal uses has contributed to homeopathic and culinary commercial ventures. The main Aboriginal population centre in the Gascoyne region, Carnarvon, has most generally been recognised as lying within Yinggarda territory. The many sections of Carnarvon National Park now cover 298,000ha of the central highlands. Many people living in the Gascoyne region today can confidently identify themselves as, for example, Yinggarda, Bayungu or Tharrgari, despite the fact that knowledge of the traditional languages is sparse at best. Dampier Salt now also export gypsum, which is a hydrated sulphate of calcium which is used in the making of plaster and in treating soil. The late Pleistocene was characterised by cold glacial and warm interglacial periods. Camp sites, water wells, fish traps and grinding grooves are also scattered across the peninsula. Language Yinggarda was a Kartu language spoken from the coastal area around Carnarvon through the Gascoyne River to the junction and southwards to the Wooramel River. Recognised nationally for its outstanding natural and cultural values, Carnarvon Gorge protects unique and significant plants and animalsmany of them relics of cooler, wetter times. The Maya were included in this cultural group which Radcliffe-Brown refers to as the Talaindji (Dhalanyji) type. Recently, this idea has been strongly challenged by archaeologists reexamining the findings of those early excavations using modern techniques and technology. Warlu lover, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, Baba rain, water Hours: Mackman, Doreen (ed). Burringurrah is a medium sized community of approximately 120 people, situated within Wajarri country. Evidence of thousands of years of Aboriginal life remains at sites associated with ceremonies and the stories of ancestral spirits. Queensland Native Police camp, circa 1860s (. Some Aboriginal workers were taken by force. In 2005, the Federal Government gave funding for the continued effort in finding the ship. [3][4] Down to the end of the 20th century, it was reported that the Carnavon community had a wide knowledge of Yingkarta words, but that their use was somewhat restricted. Given the movement of Wadjarri into this area, a people with whom the Yiongkarta maintained strong links, the young mix the two vocabularies. Gwoonwardu MiaAboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre celebrates the culture and country of the five Aboriginal language groups of the Gascoyne Region and provides the community with valuable source of information regarding Aboriginal cultural history. The Malgana name for Shark Bay is Gutharraguda, which means two bays or two waters. Tourism is now a major industry in the Park as Carnarvon Gorge alone sees 65,000 visitors per annum. Of these, the Malgana and Nanda peoples claim was determined in 2018. It will otherwise not be used or disclosed unless authorised or required by law. The Yinggarda intermarried with peoples to the north and also with the Wajarri who were generally unfriendly towards the coastal peoples. Putting his theory to the test, Jack planted the first banana sucker in 1928 and by 1930 he had his first saleable crop. Key initiatives under this initial RAP will focus on communicating our commitment to reconciliation within our organisation and the community, increasing understanding of the reconciliation journey, and identifying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and organisations within our local area for collaborative opportunities. These initiatives create local economic, training and employment opportunities, as well as generating environmental and cultural outcomes. In 1858, twenty years after Lieutenant Grey's first exploration, the area was explored once more by FrancisGregory, who was looking for suitable grazing land for the West Australian government. Burringurrah is a medium sized community of approximately 120 people, situated within Wajarri country. Main stencil panel, the Art Gallery, Carnarvon Gorge. Along the coast between 17 Mile Well and Red Bluff, 310 Germans managed to make it ashore. [6], According to Norman Tindale's estimation, this territory covered about 4,200 square miles (11,000km2). The fact that they did not circumcise also suggests that they would have interacted more closely with their northern and southern neighbours in ritual practice than they did with the Wajarri to the east, despite the indications that their relations with the Wajarri were better than for most coastal groups. The relevant PBC is Malgana Aboriginal Corporation. Aboriginal people have a rich history in the Gascoyne region that precedesEuropean colonisation by tens of thousands of years. In 1986 the Lock Hospitals were registered as protected areas under the Aboriginal Heritage Act. It encompasses 298,000 hectares spread over seven sections which are managed from three different Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service units. Ludwig Leichhardt led the first European group into the region in 1844, passing to the east of the gorge. There are three Aboriginal communities in the Gascoyne Region, two remote communities located within the Shire of Upper Gascoyne and one town-based community in East Carnarvon. The forum is expected to attract 50 young Aboriginal people aged 18 . In 1932, a pastoral lease over Carnarvon Gorge was allowed to lapse by its owners, Tableland Holdings. Alannah MacTiernan, Minister for Regional Development, after the commemoration event in Carnarvon on 9 January 2019, which marked 100 years since the Lock Hospitals commenced operations of the coast of Carnarvon. Ludwig Leichhardt was the first European explorer to move through the district, followed closely by Thomas Mitchell (inset). Arago wrote: they watched us as dangerous enemies, and were continually pointing to the ship, exclaiming, ayerkade, ayerkade (go away, go away). Awareness and pride in traditional Aboriginal knowledge and belief was probably greatly stimulated through this increased contact, and with it came a new awareness and respect of traditional languages. The Lock Hospital Tragedy Memorial 'Don't look at the Islands' wasofficially unveiledat theCarnarvon Heritage Precincton 17 April 2019 by the Hon. Denham WA 6357. Their connection to country has never faulted and they are an important part of the way the Park is managed today. and S.W. Ifyou are planning to visit the library to access local history archives, contact staff ahead of your planned visit on (08) 9941 3727 as they may be able to assist with locating specific items or materials. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). The relevant PBC is Woodgoomungooh Aboriginal Corporation. Migarda thorny devil Aboriginal people were employed to patrol station boundaries, crutch and shear sheep, trap dingoes and foxes, repair mechanical equipment, build fences and yards, sink wells, and break in horses. Carnarvon Gorge National Park in Central Queensland is an area known for its natural beauty and also as a significant sacred site for the Aboriginal people from the region. Gugu, yamba boy Thayadi, thayirri snake t in place prior to colonisation. This will be one hundred years to the day since the last person was removed from the islands and the hospitals closed. Traditional medicine on the Carnarvon Aboriginal Reserve. It was believed that over 600 whales were killed per season. The Lock Hospitals off the coast of Carnarvon on Bernier and Dorre Islands were the site of brutal colonial trauma inflicted on the Aboriginal population from across the state where they were forcibly placed on remote islands. Aboriginal people first inhabited Shark Bay some 30,000 years ago and moved to and from the area in response to changing sea levels and availability of fresh water and food. Jalyanu grass the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems, and the high biodiversity, were no accident. A mere 2.2% of the Southern Brigalow Belt is covered by reserves, more than half of which lies within Carnarvon National Park. 63 Knight Terrace, In 1858 British surveyor Henry Denham mentioned Aboriginal huts. Many family members who were separated during the lock hospital scheme never saw each other again. Yiba sister In the case of the Ingarda tribe to the south of the Gascoyne River it was impossible to determine if they really had or had not a section system. Birlirung everlasting daisy TheLieutenant was aboard the whaling vessel, the "Russell", and landed on the mainland (present dayCarnarvon) to explore the area. These lock hospitals were part of a wider history of racially-based medical incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia that took place in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland for almost a century from the late 1800s. Modern aims include Catchment preservation - the headwaters of five major catchments lie within the Park's boundaries, feeding into the Fitzroy, Murray-Darling and Lake Eyre Basins. This multi-award winning permanent interactive exhibition unites and reflects the culture and stories of the five Aboriginal language groups of the region; Yinggarda, Bayungu, Malgana, Thadgari and Thalanyji. Guyu father Geraldton: Yamaji Language Centre 2003. The company is still successfully processing prawns and even (ironically) running seasonal whale and dolphin watching tours. Wurrinyu girl, young woman Gwoonwardu Mia, the Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre, is a multipurpose centre that celebrates the five Aboriginal language groups of the Gascoyne Region. It is currently operated by WA Museums under a funding agreement with DPIRD. Thaamarli Tamala Station Many family members who were separated during the lock hospital scheme never saw each other again. It also includes taking steps towards researching and understanding the profile of our reconciliation journey in relation to the needs of our local community. As of 2017, Olivia and Nathan opened Sandstone Park, an affordable camping alternative to Takarakka for campers that are relatively self-sufficient. The collection is focused predominantly on the Gascoyne Region. Leucaena is a cattle fodder plant of Mexican origin. They were present in that form due to the land management practices of the Bidjara and Karingbal peoples. The national award-winning Gwoonwardu Mia, Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre, capture the region's Aboriginal history. They gathered oysters in the shallows, skin-dived for them, and collected them in wire dredges towed behind sailing boats. Wulyibidi Peron Peninsula The ochre stencils at Carnarvon are some of the finest examples of this type of Aboriginal imagery in Australia. . A glance at property prices in Emerald and Springsure will let you know how the mining industry is going and the health of the cattle on the drive into the Gorge will tell you how the farmers are doing. The Lock Hospitals off the coast of Carnarvon on Bernier and Dorre Islands were the site of brutal colonial trauma inflicted on the Aboriginal population across the state. Wilyamaya tip of Heirisson Prong. Buyungurra turtle Warda pearl In more recent years, Aboriginal people have been able to successfully achieve limited tenure of their traditional lands, and the Wajarri have established small settlements in their own country. If these details are different, please consider separate bookings. Edel Land is typified by rocky limestone and long, white sand dunes. There is also a burial site at Heirisson Prong. Carnarvon Gorge's rock art sites are thought to have been in use for at least 3,650 years. Since the early 1980s there have been attempts to offer instruction in local languages in primary schools in Carnarvon with varied success. in zigzag lines towards pools and camping places. Wanamalu cormorant Aboriginal rock art sites . Gregory returnedto Perth with fair reports about Carnarvon. In April 2019, the Thiin-Mah Warriyangka Tharrkari Jiwarli People were formally recognised by as native title holders of an approximately 6,804 square kilometres land area within theShires of Ashburton, Carnarvon, and Upper Gascoyne. Local material culture was quite sophisticated, and much knowledge of it can be gleaned simply by observing what has been stencilled at the art sites. Powerful owl in fan palm adjacent to Carnarvon Creek. As visitors reach the end of the Lock Hospital Walk Trail at theCarnarvon Heritage Precinct, they are confronted with a life-like sculptural recognition of the pain that was one of the most poignant aspects of this terrible history epitomised in the tales that have been told, of how the children reacted and coped with the horror of being separated from their parents. Malgana were successful in being awarded funding for the State Governments Aboriginal Ranger Program in 2018 and 2019, an acknowledgement of their strong desire to be directly involved in managing the vast conservation estate in the Shark Bay area. The high natural values resident in Carnarvon Gorge and the surrounding area, i.e. Yamatji is a name commonly used by Aboriginal people in the Murchison and Gascoyne regions of WesternAustralia to refer to themselves, and sometimes also to Aboriginal people generally, when speakingEnglish. It is not known whether or not the Yinggarda had a section system. He contacted Aborigines in May 1858 near the present-day township of Carnarvon (Green 1981), but made no attempt to speak to them. Important cultural differences distinguished the Yinggarda from their neighbours. The springs and creeks of the gorge support a mosaic of habitats, home to an enormous diversity of life. In R. M. Berndt & C. H. Berndt (Eds. There are currently no park alerts for this park. Today, there are over 70 banana plantations in Carnarvon, covering 350 hectares and producing 4,194 tonnes of bananas annually. As both artistic pieces and places of rest, they will allow for contemplation and sharing of history. The Gascoyne is known as an upside-down river, because it flows for about 120 days of the year, but therest of the year, it is a dry riverbed with water flowing below it, draining out into the ocean past the rivermouth. Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge (formerly Oasis Lodge). We will only use your information for this purpose. Carnarvon's traditional owners are the Aboriginal Inggarda, Baiyunga, Thalanji, Malgana and Thudgarri people. Following the pursuing battle the Kormoran also sank. The gorge is a cool and moist oasis within the dry environment of central Queensland. This project was funded by Royalties for Regions - A Western Australian Government Program and Lotterywest. Later, de Freycinets artist Jacques Arago recorded a tense encounter between a group of Aboriginal people and some Europeans at Cape Peron. The situation was defused with singing, dancing and an exchange of gifts. Bilyunu baby Please enter your Client Log-in user name and password for access to the Special Client Booking Facility. Wanamalu cormorant After introduction of the Pearling Act of 1870 a government official sent to Shark Bay in 1873 reported: I am satisfied that the Aboriginal natives are as a rule well-treated by their employers However, living conditions in the pearlers camps were poor and many workers died of dysentery and other diseases. Send an enquiry. Some early European researchers believed the Gorge was not permanently occupied due to defensive concerns and a lack of resources, however there are other hypotheses that also fit the facts given the Gorge's enormous spiritual significance. The German Commander of the Kormoran, who was one of the survivors, remained adamant that the ship, fully ablaze, simply drifted off. "Among the Angaardies, circumcision is performed by of a sharp flint, and after the consummation of the rite, the youth is forbidden to look on a woman for the space of two years, consequently he cannot associate with the rest of the tribe, except with the men when hunting, the women then being about their own business. This email address is being protected from spambots. Irrabuga bottlenose dolphin Guyu father Buthurru sand Copies can be purchased from: The Yamaji Language Centre Walgu sandalwood fruit and tree Carnarvon's traditional owners are the Aboriginal Yinggarda people, who named this area long ago, Gwoonwardu, meaning 'neck of water'. [9] When the data was collected in 1911, little was remembered of their marriage systems and Alan Dench thinks it probable, unlike many neighbouring tribes to their north, they did not have a moieties. Marlu small kangaroo species Entry Prices to Permanent Exhibition, includes touring exhibition: Adults: $10.00 [5], The Yingkarta's lands, lying between the Gascoyne and River Wooramel rivers in a wedge of land separating those of the Tedei to their south, and of their northern neighbours the Mandi. Some of the Collection is listed on theLibrary Catalogue. In recent years, mangoes have become an equally popular fruit grown in the region. Map of circumcision and subincision boundaries (from here). The call of yellow-bellied gliders, owls and the bush stone curlew are often heard after dark. Jalyanu grass camps where they saw out the remaider of the war. in zigzag lines towards pools and camping places. Carnarvon, like many coastal towns at the turn of the 20th century, began commercial whale hunting. When the pearling season was over in the far north some workers were put ashore in the traditional country of rival tribes and forced to make their own way home. The Carnarvon Gorge has great significance for the Bidjara people and other Aboriginal peoples such as the Garingbal, Gayiri, Gungabulla, Nguri, Wasjigu and Yiman peoples. The success of the banana industry in Carnarvon can be directly attributed to Mr Jack Buzolic, who in the 1920's, wrote an article about the potential for banana growing in the area. (, "The fact that they did not circumcise also suggests that they would have interacted more closely with their northern and southern neighbours in ritual practice than they did with the Wajarri to the east, despite the indications that their relations with the Wajarri were better than for most coastal groups." The Carnarvon Real Futures office plays an active role in promoting economic development opportunities for Aboriginal people in the region. Yawarda larger kangaroo species Thaaka shark The groups to the north of the Gascoyne River were characterised by a four section system and a variation on the Aranda marriage pattern (called the Mardudhunera (Martuthunira) type by Radcliffe-Brown). Most recently, theWajarri Yamatji Part D and Wajarri Yamatji Part E claims were determined in July 2021. The most underrated aspect of the Carnarvon Gorge experience is the indigenous cultural heritage, obvious at sites such as the Art Gallery and Cathedral Cave. The Maya and Mandhi peoples have effectively disappeared, as has any knowledge of their particular linguistic and cultural heritage. They closed stations down simply by killing large numbers of livestock and their attendant shepherds. Mission lives, mission stories The exhibition tells the story of how Aboriginal people were moved from the stations and their lives changed. This is Shark Bay. The shoreline of Shark Bay has a W shape formed by the Edel Land peninsula and Dirk Hartog Island to the west, Peron Peninsula in the centre, and the eastern coastal strip. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 years and over Carnarvon % Carnarvon Western Australia % Western Australia Australia % Australia; Did unpaid domestic work (week before Census Night) 350: 56.9: 33,333: 55.3: 328,022: 59.9: Provided unpaid care for child/children (during two weeks before Census Night) 180: 29.5: 18,072: 30 . Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre celebrates the culture and country of the five Aboriginal language groups of the Gascoyne Region and provides the community with valuable source of information regarding Aboriginal cultural history. Archaeological sites around Shark Bay tend to be close to the shoreline. Archaeological sites around Shark Bay tend to be close to the shoreline. Many of the Malay workers were actually from Indonesia, the Philippines and Pacific Islands. In our Local History Room, access to digital microfilm, free internet searching and online access to the popular Ancestry database are available for use during Library opening hours by arrangement at the front counter. Unable to continue its journey downwards, the water moves sidewards along the sandstone and escapes through breaks, seeping out at places such as the Moss Garden and at other springs within the gorge. Carnarvon town - Aboriginal ancestors lived in the area known as Carnarvon long before it became a town. Managed by a dedicated Aboriginal team, Gwoonwardu Mia is a cultural destination where visitors can feel a connection to and experience the Gascoyne's . Received knowledge of the relationship between the Maya and Mandhi and neighbouring Bayungu and Yinggarda is vague. The centre features a permanent exhibition, touring exhibitions, caf, gallery, Artist-in-Residence program, conference and meeting rooms, an ethnobotanical garden and gift shop. The Yingkarta people, also written Inggarda and Ingarda, are an Aboriginal Australian people of the Gascoyne region of Western Australia . Garlaya, yalibidi emu, Wirriya sea, salt water It has been revealed that ancient rock art was destroyed after a recycled-plastic walkway intended to protect the site exploded during a bushfire in Carnarvon National Park. ), Aborigines of the west: Their past and their . . Together with Parks and Wildlife Services, they have collaborated on several conservation management projects with numerous benefits including dugong and turtle research, a major Dirk Hartog Island clean-up funded by Coastwest, and interpretive projects. Mulgarda mullet While many of the items have restricted access, Library staff are more than happy to assist with customer enquiries. By contrast, the Wajarri practised initiation by circumcision and subincision. Large quantities of Macrozamia seed husks were retrieved from the floor sediments of Cathedral Cave, giving rise to the hypothesis that they formed the resource base supporting Carnarvon Gorge's large ceremonial gatherings. Yiba sister The dreaming says that the rainbow serpent Mundagurra created Carnarvon Gorge as he travelled through the creek system, coming in and out of the water, and carving the sandstone as he travelled. Gardu man What makes Carnarvon unique. They were present in that form due to the land management practices of the Bidjara and Karingbal peoples. The Department of Environment and Science is committed to respecting, protecting and promoting human rights, and our obligations under the Human Rights Act 2019. Carnarvon's traditional owners are the Aboriginal Inggarda, Baiyunga, Thalanji, Malgana and Thudgarri people. Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland, Nestled in Queenslands sandstone wilderness, Carnarvon Gorge is on everyones bucket list, or should be!

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